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The Voiceover Demos above are a sampling of the many commercials I’ve done over the last decade.  As a female voice talent I have had the opportunity to work on a wide range of subject matter for some of the biggest names in the their respective industries.  Fortune 400 companies take their branding and promotions seriously and will only work with the best in the industry, so I am happy to offer these samples as an endorsement of sorts by some of today’s top companies.Please feel free to download the voiceover demos for comparison purposes.  Call me directly at 201-317-1058 if you have any questions.

Infomericals are powerful forms of advertisement and I’ve done my fair share as evidence in my voiceover demos. A persuasive delivery is not something all voice talent or voice actors have a knack for, and that’s okay, they likely excel elsewhere. However its a delivery style I feel very comfortable delivering. And I would be happy to discuss putting my abilities to work for you, so I invite you to call me directly at 201-317-1058. I look forward to hearing from you soon.

Radio Imaging has been described as an art as much as a developed talent.  So there is no substitute for Professional Voice Over Talent.  In days gone by people would gather around story-tellers, hanging on their every word as they led their imaginations down a captivating path.  Today Radio Imaging does the same thing, it captivates, enables the listener to visualize the product, place or event and make the connection with the product or sponsor.  Its a buy-in process which breaks the protective bubble people automatically generate when being SOLD something.  That’s where I come in, I can make the connection through my presentation skills like the story tellers of old.  Think about how many more people you will reach, the connections you will make using the right voiceover talent and give me a call at 201-317-1058.  Your welcome to not only listen to my voiceover demos but to download them as well.

Lets face it, guys would rather hear a female voice actor over a male in many cases, however not all female voice talents can do automotive promotions.  The problem with this niche for many female voice talent is the subject matter.  Its more difficult to emphasis and deliver a visual image of  something if you are unfamiliar with the subject matter.  Its a developed talent, which my voiceover demos demonstrate that I have not only the abilities but the experience to deliver. Feel free to download any of my voiceover demos and give me a call if I can assist your promotion at 201-317-1058 (Trish Basanyi)

Voice Overs are of course the core of  Narration.  I love doing Narration and that is 50% of the battle, when you love doing something it shows in the finished product, it catches the listeners attention and develops the connection needed between the audience and the sponsor.  I welcome you to download my voiceover demos on Narration or any other you may like and see if my many delivery styles aren’t a perfect fit for your Narration project.  Call me today at 201-317-1058

Customers On-Hold are the perfect captive audience to deliver your message to whether its sales or important information which will benefit the person on hold.  However without the right voice talent, your captive audience is very likely to turn their attention elsewhere.  As a female voice talent of 10+ years, I’ve done many On-Hold presentations which captivate and tune-in the person On-Hold.  I would be happy to discuss with you how I can benefit your captive audiences and your company, I welcome your call at 201-317-1058.  Just ask for Trish Basanyi, I won’t put you on-hold but if I do, its just a sampling :). In the mean time, download my voiceover demos for On-Hold calls now.

My voiceover demos for Casino and night club promotions are just a sample of my growing representation of the entertainment industry.  As a female voice talent with a style described as “attention-getting and persuasive” I am quickly growing a nice portfolio within this niche.  People want to go where the action is so voice overs need to reflect that sense of action, that excitement of being there.  This is where I come in, I can deliver the listeners-desire for your casino or night club to be the-place-to-be.  To be where the action is.  Lets get a line formed outside you door waiting to get in, call me at 201-317-1058.

The Medical/Healthcare voiceover demos reflect the unique quality needed for the healthcare industry.  People look to the medical industry to provide the solution to the problems disrupting their lives.  Therefore the industry promotes itself  as knowledgeable and with the voice of authority and confidence while providing a sense of hope to those seeking it. I have years of experience doing just that.  If I can help you brand yourself in the same light please give me a call to 201-317-1058.

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